Strange Bird



I grabbed at a thought and missed.


as two flew from my arm’s hold.


I was clutching a wild flock to my chest.

Obsessed eyes scanning back and forth,

trying to notice which would try to escape next.

Wings fluttered in my winced face and

beaks pecked at my eyes and

another slipped out and flew off and “I NEED YOU!”


One had an urgent message still tied to its leg,

another was pretty,

and another I wanted to wear on my shoulder,

to repeat and validate everything I said,

and another,

the most crucial of all,

was for dinner.

My precious thoughts!

My precious…


I couldn’t hold them all.

One by one I let them go,

sacrifices made in anxious surrender

and faith.


Watching them fly off,

I was caught by the wide view of heaven.



I remembered

it had been right in front of me all along,

I hadn’t been holding my thoughts.

They had been holding me.



and facing the spacious fullness of life

I raised my empty arms in wonder and gratitude.

A strange bird landed

in my palm.

I didn't grasp.

I held it graciously, like the ground holds our feet.


The strange bird looked me right in the eye

and said, “The important ones will come back

exactly when you need them,

but they will need a place to land.”

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