Musician Available

I’m open to starting new musical projects. I agree with Edvard Munch’s statement, “I do not believe in the art that is not the compulsive result of humanity’s urge to open its heart.” I’m only interested in doing sincere music. It’s not a hobby.

Below you’ll find examples of things I’ve been involved with. I play a variety of instruments, including guitar and cello. I write songs and sing/vocalize. I have recording experience and can be an intense performer.

Drop me a message if you might want to make some music together. Lately I’ve been really influenced by Amenra, Jason Isbell, Wolfbrigade, Beethoven, Gorilla Biscuits, and Jimi Hendrix.

Your Band

I put my heart and soul into Your Band for years. I wrote the songs, played guitar, sang, and (mostly) made our recordings. Dustin Grinstead is on drums and Matt Maley on bass (I’m happy to put you in touch with those guys if you like what they’re doing). You can check us out on Spotify and see our music video below.


LIFE was my hardcore band back in the day. I’d be pretty into playing aggressive music again.