Review of “Sammy’s Attic”

“Some people just burn their candle more brightly than others. On this particular dark and rainy November day, I had a chance to read a new MG novel by my friend and teacher-librarian-artist-poet-rocker-and (newly) published children’s author Ben Gallup.

Sammy’s Attic takes the reader on a journey back to school to confront and reconciliation with the bully and the anger rooted in trauma of Sammy’s escape from a devastating fire. A dozen color illustrations accompany this easy chapter book that deals with real issues in a way that young readers and their adults will appreciate. I encourage elementary and middle school librarians to get copies of Sammy’s Attic circulating ASAP, or as they say in Stuttgart, Sie sollten dieses Buch kaufen!”

…a humbling review, from the one and only Bookman, Craig Seasholes!

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