We’re all given the secret of the universe,
And we all forget.
At least we can laugh about it now! Ha!
I noticed that all day my shoes had been on the wrong feet,
But even then I couldn’t seem to get them on the right way. Never mind!
At the bus stop, an old man was smoking a joint.
Thanks to modern progress
We can use behavior to describe the mathematics of motion in bodies.
In my dream, Ramy read aloud from his page,
“What is the difference between a riddle and a poem?”
Six years later, the difference is obvious.
Walking the fine line between madness and the flashing phantasmagoric void of total lunacy,
I are the honeycomb of mirrors
(Scrupulously, the shrewd detective records the clues while,
scrupulously, he keeps the guests unaware that a mystery is afoot).
Walls disguised as ways! The nose is bruised!
But I can fly out of my eyes (that’s one of my little secrets).
The floor is made of light
And yet it holds,
And yet it holds.
No one said it was going to be to going was it said one no. Emac ew yaw eht kcab.
How did you get down here?!
Up! Up!
Now you’re
Well, whatever. They’re YOUR molecules I guess…
Just kidding.
The fact that no one exists renders belonging absurd, fantasy.
By the power vested in mwe,
Eyes pronounce you man and life.
You may now kiss the bread.

“Hit Reset” Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of participating in the podcast, “Hit Reset.” Check it out!

Hit Reset is a podcast about where we’ve been and where we’re going.
The central theme is based on some graffiti from the Hong Kong riots: “We can’t return to normal because the normal that we had was precisely the problem”. Every episode explores a fundamental question about our lifestyle, and alternatives to it. How do you want to live your life?

Review in Inner Sleeve Magazine

I'm please to be the featured artist this week in Inner Sleeve Magazine. Check it out!

By the end of the album, the thread seems clear--gratitude. Interwoven with the melodies of A Single Thought, are the words of gratitude. One can take away that we should be grateful for our time, connections, and place on this planet--Ben Gallup’s album is a firm reminder of just that.

New Album, “A Single Thought”

I present my first ever spoken word album!
I think it's the truest creative expression I've ever done, which I mean in at least 3 different ways: 1) I subdued my inner critic/filter and made it fucking honest; 2) I fully released any concerns about whether other people would like or not, make fun of me, etc.; 3) I worked out all the words well in advance (already want to change a few!) but I performed them here without any rehearsal. The musical and vocal performances are (almost) completely improvised from a trance-like state, just sharp enough to keep playing my instruments. I did this in an attempt to let my subconscious express itself, free from analytical/calculated manipulation (I've been reading a lot of Surrealist stuff lately). Anyway, play this one at my funeral. (I don't plan on having one anytime soon!)