No Compensation


An excess of one kind of strength


weakness somewhere else.


Find where you have become too strong,

rigid, brittle,

and you will find your weakness

in its shadow.


Compensation does not correct the imbalance.


It reinforces the imbalance.


It is a temporary solution,

an emergency measure to save you from disaster.

But left uncorrected

it becomes its own disaster.


You are soft in ways you should be stronger.

You are too strong in ways you should be softer.


Let your brick walls breathe and stretch.

Let them become flesh again.


Seize your weakness.

Plunge it right into your frenzy of fears.

Let it stay there and struggle

and tear and resist and persevere

day after day.

Let it become strong like a tree,

bending with every wind

and always returning to impeccable posture.


Life needs structure to flow.

Life needs structure to flow.

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