New Book, “I Want to Meet Your Light”

Now available to wholesalers via Ingram

I Want to Meet Your Light

I’m excited to announce my first poetry collection will available online and in independent book stores on July 1, 2019! I’ll be selling advance copies at special events leading up to the general market release.

What readers are saying:

The poems in this collection are raw and earnest. Often conversational, sometimes beautifully minimal, and always honest. What threads them together is the expression of longing and desire in all of us to connect.”

– J. Yoon, Psychotherapist

Most poetry leaves me unmoved; it doesn’t make me feel anything.  Enter Ben Gallup with the most raw, original poetry I’ve read in years. Reading Ben’s poems will rip off emotional scars and twist a knife in your deepest aching, yet somehow leave you buoyed and filled with life. His simple words evoke beauty and love side-by-side with heartache and yearning. His preoccupations are life-and-death matters: rebirth, identity, meaning, alienation, trauma, nostalgia, growth. Ben makes you feel human. Ben makes you feel.”

-John Michael, Firefighter

Book Description

Ben Gallup shares results from confronting the most relatable problems of human life: interpersonal connection, loneliness, truth, love, systems of oppression, ecological terror, and more.  Gallup goes straight to the heart of things with sincerity, clarity, and insight. You will feel this book.

ISBN/SKU: 9781733966115

5.5 x 8.5 in or 216 x 140 mm

Perfect Bound on Creme w/Matte Lam

Page Count: 84

Spine Width: 0.20120  in

Weight: 0.261  lbs