New Album, “A Single Thought”

I present my first ever spoken word album!
I think it's the truest creative expression I've ever done, which I mean in at least 3 different ways: 1) I subdued my inner critic/filter and made it fucking honest; 2) I fully released any concerns about whether other people would like or not, make fun of me, etc.; 3) I worked out all the words well in advance (already want to change a few!) but I performed them here without any rehearsal. The musical and vocal performances are (almost) completely improvised from a trance-like state, just sharp enough to keep playing my instruments. I did this in an attempt to let my subconscious express itself, free from analytical/calculated manipulation (I've been reading a lot of Surrealist stuff lately). Anyway, play this one at my funeral. (I don't plan on having one anytime soon!)