Originally published at The Good Men Project:



I can’t always feel cool

but I can always be authentic.


I can’t always feel attractive

but I can always strive to love myself.


I can’t always get a hot date

but I can always respect consent.


I can’t always find the comfort of human connection

but I never have to settle for people who bring me down.


I haven’t always made a decent living

but I’ve never taken advantage of someone to get paid.


I can’t always stop people from controlling me

but I can endure as I strategize my escape.


I can’t always get what I want

but I can always abstain from selfishness.


I can’t always avoid frustration

but I can always be kind to the innocent.


I can’t always be happy

but I can accept necessary suffering.


I can’t always avoid mistakes

but I can always be truthful with loved ones.


In every situation

we can choose

shame or honor.