Gig Pack

Hitting the Road

Hi! I’m organizing my summer performance and book selling tour. I would love to perform at your venue.  I am at home in book stores, punk shows, coffee shops, parties, barns, alleys, and more.

My performances are never “canned.” I prepare each performance based on the specific context of the event and I am responsive to crowd dynamics in real time.

I’m happy to perform with other poets, between bands, or by myself.

I know I’m not supposed to say this but I am totally willing to perform for free.  My purpose for touring is to connect with real people from the stage and from the page.  This earnest motivation shows when I speak and read.  People know I’m real and that makes what I do rare and valuable.

Please see below for various resources, including:

  • Promo videos
  • Author bio
  • Promo portraits
  • Book cover image
  • Poster
  • Social media links

(High resolution images available upon request.)

Please contact me with any gig offers, questions, or feedback.

Author Bio

Ben Gallup is you in a different human suit. He was raised in a bohemian art gallery near Cleveland, Ohio. School was not a good fit for him but after graduating from a county high school for juvenile delinquents, having countless misadventures, and experiencing a few cosmic twists, he is now a teacher in Seattle Public Schools. His publishing credits include The Good Men Project, Rebelle Society, and Socialism Today (UK).

Promo Portraits

Take your pick, depending on the aesthetic you want to promote.

Book Cover Image

Note: The book is to be displayed with a sideways orientation, though it is read in standard orientation.

Solo Event Promo Poster 8.5×11

Social Media Links
facebook: Ben Gallup
instagram: @bengallup
twitter: @ben_gallup