Artist Statement

Do you get lost inside negative and narrow thinking? Me too! That’s why I make art. I make striking artifacts to put in my environment, engage  my senses, and pull me from my narrow mindset into presence and awareness of life’s wonder. My art is partly a project to engineer my environment for psychological purposes, and the other part is all the hocus pocus one hopes for in fine art. I hope my art will also awaken your heart when you put it in your space.

Going Deeper

I am lonely. I have wonderful family, friends, colleagues, and loving relationships of many kinds. Yet I am lonely and I suffer from it. I also suffer from despair. Some say this is the human condition but I disagree. I think it’s a wide-spread, social, cultural, and (fundamentally) political condition and I live in constant rebellion against it.

This website is for me to express my deepest self publicly. I am testing the idea that I can overcome loneliness and despair by opening my inner world and inviting others in. Maybe, in turn, you will want to invite me into yours.

Trying to cure loneliness and despair over the internet is, of course, like trying to cure thirst with salt. I live in Seattle. If you’re local, maybe we should hang out. You can contact me through this website and maybe we will want to meet. (JSYK: I’m picky about who I spend my time with. Part of the reason I struggle with loneliness is that many people just want to feed on my attention and energy, so I have developed appropriate defenses. I don’t want to be around people who leave me feeling depleted. I want relationships that energize everyone involved; otherwise I prefer solitude.)

I hope that you will reach out to me if you would like to collaborate on writing or music or visual art or theater/film or zines, anything that will help us feel alive, connected, significant, and purposeful. Let’s tear down the commodity spectacle. We can begin by ripping just one section of the fabric, the one that keeps you and me apart.

Be Bolde, Be Wyse

The name of this website comes from my family’s motto, “Be Bolde, Be Wyse.” Nobody really knows where it came from except that some ancestor was a knight and put these words on the family coat of arms. I remember seeing the coat of arms hanging up at my grandma and grandpa’s house when I was a little kid. I immediately felt that it was a command, a duty. Words have power (I mean, like magic) and this motto gives me strength, guidance, and accountability.

Author Bio

(Yo, this is in third-person because it’s for publishers, not because I’m a maniac.)

Benjamin Gallup grew up working class, in a Bohemian art gallery near Cleveland, Ohio.  School was not a good fit for him so he was sent to the county school for delinquent youth.  In a twist of cosmic irony he is now, after many adventures, an English teacher in a public school in Seattle, Washington. Benjamin loves writing poetry because, for him, it is the artistic medium that achieves maximum power with the barest form.  You can see more of his work and reach out to him personally at BeBoldeBeWyse.com

Publishing Credits include:

The Good Men Project

Rebelle Society

Socialism Today (UK)


Cooper Point Journal